Thanks and apologies

Posted on Sat, 9 Aug 2008 by midcenturyjo

Just wanted to add my thanks to Kim’s. We received so many emails when the blog was missing in action and I was blown away by how much what we do means to all of you. I didn’t realise how many interior design junkies there are out there 😉 Of course Kim and I were pulling our hair out with worry until the blog was fixed but I must admit that I started daydreaming about a weekend off. It’s been so long since Kim and I had a weekend off. So… I hope you don’t mind if I don’t wink this weekend. I have new design books to devour and a wonderful dinner to plan and execute. I have a whole fresh fish and chinese vegetables waiting to prep so forgive me if I hurry off. I’m not leaving you without a design fix though. A little later I’ll be posting the work of a woman who emailed me with her kind words and concern. I followed the link and found a wonderful website. More of that soon.

kim. says:

Dude, where’s my dinner invite???

If you guys need time off, you may look into getting other bloggers to inspire the masses with their own unique eye. You’ve got a wonderful website, and I just know many of us aspiring decorators would love to help you out and gain some exposure.

Anonymous says:

well, that’s what happens when you’re the best!

missed you the two days i couldn’t get on. 😛 i tried to contact Blogger! haha

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