Ed Reeve

Posted on Tue, 12 Aug 2008 by KiM

If I wasn’t so busy tonight (it’s Monday as I type this – I get posts ready the day before) trying to get my posts done so I have enough time to make a zucchini loaf from the giant zucchini my mom yanked out of her garden, I’d ramble on and on about how wonderful a photographer Ed Reeve is. Instead you can just see for yourself.

I’ll ramble on then. Love the lighting, love the composition, love the angles. Love this guy’s work 🙂

Stunning pictures. I especially like the wallpaper in the fourth image!

the hanging lamps on the two top images are awesome… any clue where they’re from???

kim. says:

No clue Jessica where they’re from – I LOVE them too!

Ed Reeve says:

A friend just told me about this blog, Thanks guys, I’m touched.

kim. says:

Glad you like it Ed!

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