Agnes Bourne

Posted on Fri, 15 Aug 2008 by KiM

Agnes Bourne‘s design studio is based in Jackson, Wyoming, and having been involved in design for over 40 years, this woman certainly knows what she’s doing. She believes in living green, and generating personal expression through the arts. Her sense of creativity is overwhelming – the quirkiness and originality of the spaces makes them memorable.

Sara says:

Wow – I love how her more rustic treatments (e.g. the antlers) blend contemporary art. Great use of turquoise/blues as well.

Kgirl says:

I’m entranced. The painting in the blue room is amazing and the lighting in the white kitchen is luminous. Plus, she trumped Martha Stewart this month on the stencil treatment.

These rooms are so much fun!

Erin says:

Oooooo…loving that first picture of the kitchen with the sketch and typography elements!

halcyon says:

I could happily cook in that bottom kitchen. The schoolhouse lights, the simple metal and wood/marble tables, the paver floor and the great copper hood, but look at all the beautiful light poring in those windows. How could you not want to cook in this happy kitchen?

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