Day off

Posted on Sun, 24 Aug 2008 by KiM

I’m not going to be posting anything today. I just wanted to wish my twin sister Julia a happy birthday. And I wanted to thank my folks for procreating all those years ago and ending up with the 2 of us. In honour of this event, I thought I’d take a break and just post a couple photos I found. See ya tomorrow. (P.S. This time the photos were marked – I’m on the left in both).

corine says:

Hope the 2 of you have the best b-day 🙂

Happy Birthday!
Now I can understand DTI love of the Retro look!!!

…Though they seem to all be posted by MidcenturyJo!! – but ignore that for now!!!!!

happy birthday to you both! xo

kim. says:

Thank you! And thanks for the song Jo! (Since I’ve never heard your voice, I will only guess how horrible it would have sounded…LOL). And as Camilla mentionned, perhaps the 2nd photo does explain my adoration for all things vintage/retro.

jawcey says:

Cuuuuuute! Happy birthday to you both!

kim. says:

Thanks jawcey!

Bhavna says:

Happy B’day Kim (and Julia)!! 🙂

Matahina says:

Happy birthday to both of you! The photographs are loveable 😉

Sharon says:

Happy belated birthday to you both. You look adorable in the photographs:)
Thanks for all the inspiration

kim. says:

Thanks Bhavna, Matahina and Sharon! I can’t comment on “loveable” and “adorable”. It was SO LONG AGO. 😉

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