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Posted on Wed, 3 Sep 2008 by KiM

I LOVE the following home that was featured on New York Social Diary a few weeks ago. It’s the townhouse of Lisa Mahar, a mother of three and owner of a toy store. I think it’s so great that she’s got toys and photos of her kids and their artwork scattered all over, and mixed in with all sorts of mid-century classic furniture. It’s a space that is perfectly comfortable and perfectly lived in. And cool.

Anonymous says:

any clue where I can get the apple poster?

kim. says:

The apple print (i’ve loved it forever) is by Enzo Mari called La Mela. Nova68 (.com) sells it – google for others.

Ivy Lane says:

Thank you for another BOOST of inspiration~I like this gal’s style!

What a fabulous space. It feels like home just looking at it.

Anonymous says:

do you know where i can get those beds in the twins’ room?

From working with the company – I most certainly recognize the pattern on the walls in the first picture!! Lulu DK fabric – Paradiso Honeydew, such a great fabric – and yes!! what an amazing way to use it!- as wallpaper!!! love her house!

drey says:

that simple bedroom for little two children… that’s awesome 🙂

those kids’ beds are from Nume.

Anonymous says:

hi, does anyone know where i can get that apple poster in the kids room?

kim. says:

anon, the answer is in the comments above

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