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Posted on Wed, 3 Sep 2008 by midcenturyjo

Regular readers will know that Kim and I cannot resist the hunt for secondhand bargains. We love thrift stores and junk shops, secondhand dealers and antique stores. I visited my new favourite secondhand haunt in Brisbane on the weekend and even though I want to keep it secret I just have to share. The 2 Peters run a treasure trove of a store. Stuffed to the ceilings with everything you never thought you had to have, it’s an ever changing source of those finishing touches for your home. It’s the sort of place that stylists and decorators love. Here are just some of the things that caught my eye.

OK so I bought the chinese garden stools, some fabulous oriental brass trays and a West German bowl but was seriously tempted by the cast iron dress rack from early last century. Wouldn’t it look great in a shop window or a sewing room? I have a thing for rusty and industrial and an old hand trolley also caught my eye. I was imaging it stacked haphazardly with a couple of the old timber crates I saw filled with overflowing pots of spring flowers. Alas no room in my courtyard though. No online site yet but coming soon (and we’ll let you know when). If something has caught your eye and you want to be let into the secret contact Peter here.

Anonymous says:

Get out!!! What a find. You are so lucky to get those stools and I’m guessing at a good price 😉 I just saw that clothes rack in the photographer’s post and I am so jealous that I’m not in Brisbane.

With all the FABULOUS shopping I’m discovering in Brisbane I’m becoming more and more insanely jealous I don’t live there! What an AMAZING place! Thanks for sharing.

Anna 🙂

Brisbane is fabulous for this sort of shopping and the prices are great. All the Sydney and Melbourne dealers come raiding up here and then flog their finds off at “southern” prices. I could and do spend hours in a place like this.

Great finds – that dress rack is AMAZING – I LOVE IT!

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