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Posted on Fri, 5 Sep 2008 by midcenturyjo

The firm of Hare + Klein has been a leader in Australian interior design since the late 80s. Their creativity and experience produce innovative designs of quality highlighted by attention to detail. I’ve included a room from the 80s in these photos and if you manage to pick it I think you’ll agree it was fashion forward and so daring for the time… just like Hare + Klein still are today.

Images from Hare + Klein

kim. says:

Wow – check out the view in the last photo!! I’m thinking the 80s photo is the one with the seagrass bed but only because the quality of the photo seems not as crisp as the others. LOL

(P.S. I deleted the comment above because we would appreciate it if comments were directed at the content of the posts and not used as advertisements).

orangred says:

my guess is pic 7 is 80’s.

kim. says:

can i change my vote to #7 too?

Anonymous says:

Ooh, gorgeous! And this post gives me a rockin’ suggestion for you awesome ladies – it would be great to see a post of pictures from one great, long-standing design firm done in two columns. On the left, there’d be rooms that they designed in the 70s/80s/whathaveyou, a kitchen, a bedroom, a living room, etc, and in the right column, a picture of the same kind of room (ie kitchen next to a kitchen) that they designed recently. It’d be a fascinating look at how professional styles progress over time.

I’ve been following this blog for over a year, and I think you two are amazing – in taste and personality both! Thanks for the constant flow of gorgeous pictures.

Attractive as well as eye catching because of its modern look, design & finishing !!

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