Posted on Tue, 16 Sep 2008 by KiM

I was checking out magazines at the drugstore the other day and came across Wish. It’s a Canadian magazine that’s got everything: beauty, fashion, food and decor. I bought it because it featured the home of Suzanne Dimma, the home design director and new editor of Canadian House & Home. Her home rocks, but unfortunately there are no photos on the website of it, at least yet. But here are some others I found.

JHAYNE says:

what a fun idea to have “directions” on the wall to other rooms in the house!

She has a Donohue chair! Non-Canadians may not know these chairs but they’re so prized here. We have one of these in our studio, though it’s in less perfect shape than this one. I think she has the original colour, too:
Excellent post, thanks! And Wish magazine is great. It really tries to support local producers so it ends up covering an interesting, eclectic mix of products.
– Lindsay and Sarah.

i am LOVING the chalk board paint!!!! for sure want to use that somewhere in the future house 🙂 fantastic photos!

I need an overseas subscription to Wish! These rooms are fab!

kim. says:

OH Lindsay/Sarah you have a coconut chair!!! They are so fabulous. I’d love to get my hands on one.

Kim, We do see those coconut chairs in Vancouver every now and then, so let us know if you want us to notify you! Even my father, who hates any seating he deems modern because he claims it’s uncomfortable, always hogs that chair when he comes over. I laughed one day when I saw him sitting in it with a friend of his – it’s big enough that it easily fits two, yet it doesn does that withotu looking heavy or enormous. Superb chair.

orangered says:

Lindsay and Sarah, OUNO,
the bedspread in yr id pic is stellar, just made my day, i know i am going to be a huge fan of what you do, really a shot in the arm!

Linn says:

What’s up with the swedish flag? 😀

Anonymous says:

Can anyone shed any light on the barstools (first set of pics, on the right)? They are just what I am looking for…

And, fab post BTW!

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