A mid-century renovation

Posted on Thu, 18 Sep 2008 by KiM

My sister found a link to an incredible home renovation that had me in awe. The Lorna house was built in 1954 in Phoenix, Arizona and was named after the home’s former owner of 40 years. Architect Shawn Kaffer decided to modernize the ranch-style house and WOW, did he ever. To get an idea of the extent of the renovation, here’s a quote from Kaffer: “God rest her soul, Lorna had stuccoed the entire house. I couldn’t sandblast with the way the stucco was applied, so I was out there with a chisel for about a year and half.” (??!!??!!) I thought I’d include some before photos as well.

Peggy says:

Omigosh. I want to move in right away. The only thing I would bring is my new little gold sofa.

Now I know why I hate renting! This is a fab renovation.

Chris says:

All I can say is…WOW.

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