Don’t let the cute pink cabinets fool you

Posted on Fri, 19 Sep 2008 by KiM

So I’ve shown you all my horrible to slightly less horrible kitchen that I will be renovating, and next I thought I’d show you the layout ideas I had for the new kitchen. Here’s a photo to recap what the kitchen looks like currently:

I’ve done a rough drawing of the layout to make it clearer where everything is located. (Sorry but I don’t know how to use software to do this so you’ll have to bear with my lovely drawings).

As you can see, this kitchen is really REALLY badly designed. Or not designed as I see it. And the craftsmanship everywhere is AWFUL. The cabinets are made of solid wood (MDF?) – so the drawers are heavy and are a total pain to open and close. Half of the magnet latches to keep the doors closed are missing. The little built-in china cupboard with glass doors got a serious chuckle from my contractor. He thinks they are bi-fold closet doors made into cabinet doors. The island was made with scraps of tongue and groove paneling and bits of trim, and was initially left unpainted/unstained. There was an ugly square table that was built at the end of the island that I ripped off and tossed the day I moved in, that came with 2 cheap wooden chairs that I also tossed. The cabinet over the island is a pain to get into because you have to lean over the island to see into it. So that’s the cabinets in a nutshell.

For more gory details, check out the rest of this post HERE.

Anonymous says:

For this layout I’d move the stove atleast 18″ towards the window. That way you have counter space beside the fridge and on either side of the stove.

Look forward to seeing your final layout.

Anonymous says:

where is the dishwasher in your new layout? is it underneath the counter the sink is on?

i liked that you moved the stove.

what is happening with the island? frankly from the picture, you would do well to just rip it out and use that floor space for a nice dining table set up. (assuming of course you can find a place for the dishwasher in your new layout).

also, instead of sealing the door, you might consider converting into a nice long window and changing your existing window to match. and adding a third window in between if your architecture will support it!! given the lighting issues you are having, bringing in more natural light may help you out.

what is the flooring being changed to?

looking forward to seeing your final plan!

Emily says:

this layout looks flawless. can’t wait to see how it turns out!

kim. says:

Thanks for your thoughts! I’m going to reply on the other blog though so I don’t have to leave the same thing over there. Maybe I should leave comments off on the post I leave here? Something to think about for next time…

I’m going to comment on both blogs. The final layout is fab in case everyone is wondering 🙂

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