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Posted on Fri, 19 Sep 2008 by midcenturyjo

Sorry couldn’t resist the pun. If you’ve been reading Desire to Inspire for a while you’ll know that I have a thing for church conversions. Some have been fabulous, some not quite. This one though…. oh be still my beating heart. Spatial problems have been solved by a raised floor for open plan living. Bedrooms which need to be private and cocooned are contained underneath. A series of voids, glass railings and glass walls open the space and celebrate the soaring ceilings. A separate wing reached via a walkway and deck breaks out of the space and allows the outside in.


Luphia says:

a modern openplan living dream…

Lovely, but… where does Jesus sleep?

Also, I always knew he would be a minimalisst.

seriously. which room do you think he’d pick?

Wow! There is a church around the corner from us for sale (in really bad shape, but beautiful architecture) that now looks appealing to me. This conversion is stunning! Thanks for sharing.

kim. says:

I have always worshipped (pun intended) church conversions. There was one on this side of the world I had my eye on a few years ago that was no where near as cool as this…I should have snapped it up…

BC Doan says:

It looks like a beautiful place to live in..I wouldn’t mind at all..

oh that’s heaven! couldn’t resist. My parents were thisclose to buying a converted church years ago. It was such a beautiful old sandstone one covered in ivy with a really modern interior. Awesome. Not sure why it didn’t happen in the end – shame!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! That is AMAZING and genius to build the floor up. I dream to convert a church/library/storefront someday into a home…maybe when the kids are grown.

I am a long time Desire to Inspire reader–just thought I’d comment today. Love your new format. And, as always, love your blog.

sarah says:

where is this ??

Vanderlene Pulsz says:

Converter igrejas,fabricas,celeiros…um sonho….. love,love,love para todas sua postagens…que tal aquarios em uma de suas
próximas postagens???

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