Binky needs a home

Posted on Sun, 21 Sep 2008 by KiM

Sometimes I am really grateful that I have this blog as a mechanism to help out friends and family. This is one of those times. My friend Jenny told me the other day that she is thinking about taking her cat Binky to the Humane Society. After several expletives, I calmed down and she explained that her allergies are REALLY bad and her doctor told her she shouldn’t even be in the same room with him. She asked around and posted a notice in her building but so far no one is interested in taking Binky. She put some ads up online and not much has happened. I told her to make a video that I could post since her boyfriend is in Europe with their cameras. So if anyone in the Ottawa area is looking for a pet and wants a totally adorable and affectionate kitty named Binky, please email me and I’ll get you Jenny’s contact info. I live just down the street from the Humane Society and it would kill me to drive by knowing Binky is in there. Thanks.

omg, i hope this kitty finds a new home! i have 2 cats and if i brought another one home it would be World War III – just kiddin’

Holly says:

i wish i could take her! i HOPE someone can help. sometimes its much nicer and easier to have an adult cat that is nicely house broken than an unpredictable kitten. adult cats make great companions, good luck!!

You have such a great blog!

Chloé says:

I so wish I could take him… Unfortunately I live in France! I’m a cat lover, but not to the point of flying to Ottawa to get one! I’m sure you’ll find a great home for him.

Just a little idea: maybe she could post ads in vets’ offices and in the shope where they sell pet’s stuff. People that go there already have animals, ok, but they are more likely to welcome a new one than someone who hates pets! Hope this helps!

Laura says:

I had a similar situation with one of my friends, but she had already taken both of her cats to the humane society. I made a webpage for them with cute photos and all important info (neutered, up to date on vaccines, age, their sad storty, cute things about their personality, etc.), and sponsored their adoption fee. The webpage got onto some neighborhood listservs, and they were adopted in a week. This was much more successful than posts in paper, vet offices, friends, etc. Good luck!

kim. says:

Thanks everyone for the comments. I’m not having much luck so far. 🙁

KittyMeow says:

Oh my gosh you MUST find a home for Binky? I couldnt bear the thought of a kitty going from a loving home to a shelter. Can you imagine what she would be thinking? Oh nooo!! I am all teary almost :-((

kim. says:

KittyMeow, don’t get me started. I teared up when I first saw the video.

minxlj says:

I was terribly allergic to cats a few years ago, but my boyfriend’s family had several of them :-/ So I persevered in getting my immune system accustomed to them (I am also asthmatic) and by taking antihistamine tablets, monitoring my asthma medication and carefully increasing exposure to the cats gradually, I am now perfectly fine with them. I have two beautiful cats of my own, and one is a longhair! I don’t even need to take the antihistamines (anti-allergy) pills now.

I don’t believe that allergies are untreatable…thankfully my doctor was very supportive (although a previous doctor was quite dismissive and just said ‘you shouldn’t be near animals’…huh) and agreed with my thoughts that the body can easily be readjusted to things. Perhaps it’s an option for your friend, I don’t know.

If I lived near Ottawa I’d definitely give lovely Binky a home…fingers crossed he finds somewhere xxx

kim. says:

Thanks minxlj. Jenny is on on all sorts of medication to be able to tolerate Binky in her apartment, but it’s not helping very much. Her allergies have gotten worse over time, unfortunately.

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