Michael P Johnson

Posted on Thu, 25 Sep 2008 by KiM

Michael P Johnson’s portfolio will wow anyone with an appreciation for great modern architecture. “His buildings are highly interactive. Conventional boundaries of design are reinterpreted in his pursuit of meaningful innovation, frugal comfort, and sophisticated spatial awareness. They engage us with passion, make us move about, look, sometimes frown in curiosity and amazement, but always leave us with an elevated sense of immersion in true architecture.” I had to include a few exterior photos of the homes he has designed because they are as incredible as the interiors. Check out his website for much more eye candy.

citysage says:

LOVE it! I’ve been trying to convince a client that concrete floors aren’t “cold” but rather can be warm, clean and inviting…and some of these pictures illustrate that point perfectly. You guys always seem to come up with just the right images at just the right time. Another home run…thanks as always!

Such beautiful criso modern lines. Citysage is right. These rooms are warm

kim. says:

Glad we could help citysage!

Not to get completely off-topic here, Kim, but I’m just wondering if you were ever able to find a home for Binky! He’s been on my mind since you posted that video…

*S* says:

So random that I would come on here and find this post. Michael is a good friend of the family. You are right, his work is amazing.

kim. says:

Unfortunately M,SQ I haven’t had anyone email me about Binky. So sad. Thanks so much for your concern.

That is pretty random *S*. Lucky you to know such a talented architect.

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