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Posted on Fri, 26 Sep 2008 by midcenturyjo

Domestic, it’s a lovely word. I conjures up images if home and family and the everyday. I found it interesting that architectural and interior design firm James Mohn Design Studio uses it in their profile. “…. contemporary domestic environments that are beautifully proportioned, integrated with their site and relevant to their context.” Not the word residential as so many websites use. Domestic. Yes James Mohn designs truly beautiful contemporary spaces but more importantly they consider their inhabitants, families and real people.

Lily says:

Warm and sumptuous !!
Love the second and third pictures !!

ooh yum! I just want to loll around in each of these rooms! And have a cup of tea whilst in the top pics chair!

kim. says:

These are fab spaces, but what’s up with the artwork of a flaming wheel? A tad creepy. And OMG!!! I want the tulip coffee table in the 5th photo DESPERATELY. I am SO SICK of not having a coffee table.

Wow. I love the warmth they bring to these contemporary spaces.
The steel stair case and windows in the first picture are fantastic!
Beautiful colors on the walls and fabrics.
They do a wonderful job using color and texture to make these rooms so inviting!
Love it!

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