Lars Ranek

Posted on Fri, 26 Sep 2008 by midcenturyjo

There’s something about light and its meaning to European photographers that I’m only starting to understand. Here in Australia I’m awash in harsh bright tropical light that I take for granted but in places like Denmark light is celebrated during long summer twilights and remembered in candlelit rituals in dark winters. Danish photographer Lars Ranek captures light so beautifully. In simple rooms, with simple compositions his work encapsulates the soft white northern light and shares the Scandinavian way of life. Visit his artwork portfolio while you’re at his website and don’t miss the food as well. (Sometimes I think I obsess over food photography as much as shots of beautiful rooms.)

Images from Lars Ranek

karina says:

Jo, I can not express how much I love the firts photo,the light, the colours and the cheesy tabletop, I do not like too serious rooms and the cheesy touch to me is always a happy touch.

kim. says:

I am with Karina on that first photo. I love the colours and it’s just totally adorable.

Dawn says:

I’m ready to move in! I am in love with just about every single piece of furniture in this entire post.

Great images!

For more Scandinavian design…

Check out hot IKEA news on my blog. Introducing new bright colors on STOCKHOLM furnitures for example…



Wow great designs!!!! these are awesome!

Fantastic photos!
I love the way the use of light in all of them.
The photographer really does a great job composing each shot.
Beautiful but not too serious.
Thanks for sharing.

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