The home of director Roland Emmerich

Posted on Fri, 26 Sep 2008 by KiM

Back in April I posted about Fluxinteriors, a quirky interior design firm from London. Some of the photos were of the home of director Roland Emmerich. It was featured in the New York Times and it was such a creative and unusual space that I thought it was worthy of another look. The designers were told to make it so that “when the neighbors peek in, they might want to call the police or something.” The office desk is made from a wing of a World War II plane. Fluxinteriors had “originally planned to put a life-size waxwork statue of Mr. Emmerich under the stairs. After discussing news coverage of Pope John Paul II’s death with Mr. Emmerich, though, he decided it would be much funnier to depict the pope reading his own obituaries.” The library coffee table is made of a missile from Iraq. A chair on the terrace was made of Shell oil cans by children in Ghana. Skylights to the living room form the floor. Yep, I’d call that quirky.

I agree: I’m no extremist, but the dead animals/bits thereof, are just inexcusable (as is fur in fashion design).

The bedspread is awesome, however (are they y-fronts??).

Wow, mostly I like its outside view & that chandelier !!

Leanne says:

What’s happened to this blog? Stop posting offensive images! You appear to be supporting death of all sorts… dead animals, fur etc. Have some forethought as to how your blog may offend… show some empathy and respect! I too agree with Sandra. Show some compassionate design please!! (Kim: you are a cat owner/animal lover, are you not?!)

kim. says:

I didn’t post this home in the hopes that everyone would go out and buy a taxidermy zebra. I love this house and the decor – minus the dead animals. I think it is terrible, but it’s part of the owner’s home. And YES, I am an animal lover with 6 cats in a tiny house and I have a cowhide rug on my living room floor. When I drive by the Humane Society (about 10 times a week) I cringe every single time, and look to see if there’s a cardboard box on their steps. I balled my eyes out the other night when I drove past a dead raccoon whose little raccoon buddy was trying to pull him off the road. Please do not tell me I am supporting animal cruelty and have no empathy.

We publish content like this for people to look at and comment on. By posting something we do not automatically endorse it BUT we do not believe that we should censor our content. Just because a room contains something you don’t agree with or condone doesn’t mean that we think you should have it in your home or necessarily in ours. Censorship of content so that we show only pretty and “sterile” non-confrontational content may save us a lot of grief from comments that attack us or say the blog is deteriorating because of this however we still say these comments are welcome but will not stop us from publishing all types of styles. We won’t stop you from commenting especially if you link to who you are but we will stop anonymous comments that say “how could you” and “I thought better of you” etc etc. You have an inalienable right to say you don’t like something and that you don’t want to see it and that you wouldn’t do it yourself. We have also have an inalienable right to post whatever we want. To say don’t post this or that is censorship on your part. Don’t like the content of a particular post then read another post, comment with a link for sure and get on with something else.

K.P. says:

Well said, ladies. I am an animal lover as well and find the zebra art tasteless and crude.
But…I do hope that you will exercise choice in your posting of images. There is a happy middle ground in the whole realm of expression. Do be selective in what design photos to post. These afterall are a reflection and an extension of who you are and what you are about.

animal lover? support animals of ALL kinds please — not just domestics! COWHIDE IS CRUEL!!

Anonymous says:

Does anyone know where is from the artwork of japanese pilot rushing for take-off? Stefano

kim. says:

Stefano – it’s a mural based on Chinese propaganda posters. SO maybe google “chinese propaganda” to find something similar.

Anonymous says:

The zebra’s don’t bother me too much. I sort of like the creepiness but still feel a bit sorry for the buggers. Since I have a cowhide rug, mounted deer head, leather shoes, and an apprieciation for the human life saving medical advancements derived from animal testing, it appears I am not an “animal lover.” With the exception piggies. I do so love bacon with my eggs.

One question though… is it more or less earth friendly to use all organics (plants AND animals) for decor and clothing as opposed to manmade, non-biodegradable materials ? Once out of style all these things will eventually find their way to the landfill. Is owning a lucite Louis ghost chair as “bad” as eating free range organic chicken salad?

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