Laser Rosenberg

Posted on Mon, 29 Sep 2008 by midcenturyjo

Modernism’s form and function meet comfort and colour in LA based designer Laser Rosenberg’s work. As his website says, “Laser…. believes that both living and working spaces are meant to be enjoyed in the great tradition of design. Utilizing thoughtful, beautiful and complimentary layers to create a timeless environment.” These rooms show his philosophy of living within great design with timeless modernist classics combined with artisan pieces and the handmade. It’s cool and young and appeals to the artist within. It’s the “New Modern” following on from the Mid-Century Modern.

Peggy says:

I adore the way the art is hung in the second to last picture!

These photos will no doubt inspire a whole day of dreaming. Sigh …

Dawn says:

I love the “lemon and lime” room, or so I am calling it. It’s executed amazingly.

Heidi says:

I also love the art cluster in the 2nd to last picture. Very inspiring.

kim. says:

I’m with everyone else on the art. And these spaces are INCREDIBLE!!! Totally my style.

I LOVE outdoor spaces!

loving every photo…oh how I wish Mr. Rosenberg could come to my home for a month or so…thank you for the introduction!

That green room is so attractive & eye catching !!

Anonymous says:

my sister lives in london and has exquisite taste… she would adore your inspired, bright, crisp designs as i do… the light in your soul comes through in your work and brightens up all of our moments as we look at these photos… 🙂

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