Rachel Whiting

Posted on Thu, 2 Oct 2008 by KiM

I was pretty much rendered verklempt when I discovered the portfolio of Rachel Whiting, a photographer based in London. The light and composition are so perfect for these relatively simple spaces. There seems to be a little something special and noteworthy in each photograph.

g. says:

Inspiring, beautiful, lovely… Thanks for sharing!

Luphia says:

adore these rooms, your blog is always filled with beautiful interiors! 🙂

Eileen says:

What wonderfully creative rooms. I especially love the little dining area with the lighted tapers hanging above. Great inspiration!

kay* says:

does anyone know what the style of bed is called in the second photo from the top (on the left)? is it a french provincial style? every time i see one i’m in love with them…

These are lovely. The lighting is amazing. I really really need that dark blue room.

Hey kay* I’d call them a Louis XV style but French Provincial will do too. I love them when they are all flakey gilt and worn out damask.

Gorgeous rooms!!!

kay* says:

thanks! time to do some hunting.

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