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Posted on Fri, 3 Oct 2008 by midcenturyjo

Do you notice who takes the photos of your favourite rooms in interior design magazines? Do you file your tearsheets for future reference but never google the stylist or the photographer? I’ve been drawn to the work of Hotze Eisma ever since I stuck a post-it-note on a page of shots of stylist Reineke Groters in Elle Decoration a number of years ago. Since then I have found that whenever a photo of a wonderful and quirky home tugs at my heart strings it’s inevitably one of Hotze’s. I bookmarked his website months ago to share but somehow I never did. Go there now. You’ll discover an amazing talent and the most wonderful and prolific portfolio. Careful you don’t overdose!

Images from Hotze Eisma

alice says:

oh, fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

These are wonderful! I can see why you’re a fan!

kim. says:

I’ve been a huge admirer for ages as well. These photos are spectacular.

Dawn says:

I think I just overdosed.

nichole says:

White wood floors … sigh. I wish I could talk my husband into these. Though with two young boys, I may just be out of my mind.

kim. says:

Nichole, I painted the wood floors in my office white and will eventually do the whole house…but it’s not as bad as I thought, as long as you don’t mind sweeping often. Maybe you can train the kids to sweep? 🙂

jawcey says:

Looooooove these! Going to check out the website now…

Love the pics! Thank you for such a great blog that you have here! I get so many ideas from all the pics that you post.
Thanks again!

So beautiful and their portfolio is so quirky and fun.

AL says:



I just have to feature this one too. Thanks for the tip off. what great taste.

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