Trend alert … yellow Ferrari in living room

Posted on Wed, 8 Oct 2008 by midcenturyjo

Talk about home styling for real estate photo shoots. Hire in beautiful furniture or seriously declutter your own – check! Hang some dresses in the walk-in dressing room to show you have taste and style (but a VERY limited wardrobe) – check! Park the yellow Ferrari in the glass garage – check! I think this is a definite decorating trend. Here in Australia where house prices are seriously over-inflated the Ferrari is definitely cheaper than this warehouse conversion.

Hahahaha! I knew I’d get that car wrong. I squinted so long at the photos and swore I saw a rearing stallion but alas, as anonymous so kindly pointed out, it is a Lamborghini Gallardo and a bull! I really should change the title to “Trend alert… yellow phallic symbol on wheels in living room” 🙂

Anonymous says:

That’s a Lamborghini Gallardo.

qerat says:

I dont care about the make of the car, or the cross dressing bachelor :)I like this place.
It only needs to be made more personal & to take away that no so warm photo shoot look. Defenitely do not want to see a car while in my living room so I would cover that up, but I guess this is a place for someone deeply in love with their car.

Luphia says:

not sure about the car but the rest of the house is great, love the modern towards more masculine design

I’m ultra mod, My husband is a car freak and quite conservative. This could be a house we could agree on! 🙂

kim. says:

Jeff would move in here in a second. That way he could stare at his beloved Jeep all day. I’d have to move in too cause this place ROCKS. But then I’d have to stare at his Jeep too.

is that a fireplace next to the stairs in the “3”?

Keren says:

I can see myself living there easy!!!

kim. says:

damnyoureye, i think it’s a wall-mounted plasma tv.

I see that the architect built Buddha his own time out space in the bedroom. Handy.

There are some nice spaces in the apartment, and I like the idea of having the open garage so that the family car becomes an art installation. But I also get the impression that whoever lives here is a real asshole.

The dresses are either strapless or slinky – they were brought for staging on the shoot. Another hint – those heels are so big that they could be worn by a drag queen…
and a drag queen would never live in a house with so little color or style…

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