Dan Magree

Posted on Mon, 13 Oct 2008 by midcenturyjo

Love the portfolio of Australian photographer Dan Magree. He’s a favourite of Aussie interior magazines and it’s easy to see why. Beautiful white bright light, great compositions and fabulous subjects. The glam woman in the first pic is Lyn Gardener of Empire Vintage, a to die for Melbourne shop and that high back pink chair is a Grant Featherston Expo Sound chair (there are speakers in the top) originally designed for the Australian pavilion at the Montreal World Fair 1967. I’m desperate to get my hands on one. But back to Dan Magree’s work. Don’t miss the rest of his portfolio. It’s truly inspiring.

calirel says:

I just loooove the pink chair and the pink table…

kim. says:

WOW!!! I love every single photo, and there’s something in each one that I adore. GORG!!!!

Diane says:

This man is wonderful and he has my dream job!
This is odd — I have been having an incredible PINK thing lately — I want a white house with a PINK sofa and scattered pink things… and a touch of lime green.
Your blog is confirming my need for pink.

Carrie says:

I love the last picture of the white ceramics, I wish I had a few shelves like that…

Anonymous says:

gordon mather in melbourne has the rights to reproduce those pink chairs. you could contact him directly tel. 03 9585 5528

Anonymous thanks for the Gordon Mather contact details. I may just have to go that route. I’d LOVE vintage like the other Featherston pieces I have but it may just have to be new. I guess the sound quality would definitely be better 🙂

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