Nan Whitney

Posted on Wed, 15 Oct 2008 by midcenturyjo

It’s all about the stylist you know. Great rooms and great photographers but stylists rule the shoot. I love the way they take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Nan Whitney has a wonderful eye. She creates classic but casual, light bright and fun rooms. I love the whole vibe going on here. Beautiful rooms I could imagine living in surrounded by family and friends. That’s the dream she creates.

I would so love to have rooms like these some day… beautiful, light, crisp, airy, and comfortable. *sigh*

elle says:

this is my house! gorgeous. at least it’s what we aspire to in our home…

Luphia says:

what a cosy and beautiful home!

Anonymous says:

Wow! This is goorrrr-jus!!! I would love to have my home look like this. One question– where do you put your stuff– the NY Times, Newsweek, books, homework and the backpacks, CD’s? You know… stuff?!?! Oh this is something to aspire to!!! I want it NOW!!! How can we find someone to do this– it looks way better than what a typical interior decorator’s ideas usually look like.

So pretty.. I so need a stylist…
ps- give away at my site….
x Trina

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