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Posted on Fri, 17 Oct 2008 by midcenturyjo

Sander Architects seeks to find a balance between poetry and pragmatics. Starting with essential elements: environment, program, site restrictions, we encourage forms to develop which satisfy these basic needs while embracing the possibility of the poetic.” And it’s true! Beautiful sensitive and creative designs that are also at the forefront of green design.It’s all about the power of light and space, site and spirit. I’ve concentrated on mainly interiors here but a visit to Whitney Sander’s design firm’s website reveals so much more including detailed explanations of each highly crafted building.

karina says:

The first two photos are my kinf of place!

Peggy says:

Omigosh – love that pottery display. I am so jealous of open kitchens at the moment. That red kitchen is beautiful.

Makes me think of Jessie from My Mod Style – Jessie I miss you!

Kayti says:

architecture is by far the best way to decorate. if only i didn’t live in a basement.

Luphia says:

love all the modern open plan living spaces!

WOW those homes with the REALLY HIGH CEILINGS are sooo BEAUTIFUL!!

Carrie says:

I love the last picture. The contrast between the concrete wall and the colourful Eames chair is just wonderful!

La empresa Sander Architects es un equilibrio entre lo pragmático y la poesía, partiendo de elementos esenciales con un enfoque contemporáneo en el diseño.
Hermosos, sensibles y creativos diseños que también están a la vanguardia de la arquitectura verde.
El espíritu del sitio tiene el poder de la luz y el espacio.
Entra al sitio web de la empresa donde revela de manera mucho más detallada las explicaciones de cada edificio, muy bien elaboradas

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