Perfect ending to a crazy week

Posted on Sun, 19 Oct 2008 by KiM

I would typically do a Flickr finds post today but I thought since I have some new photos of my own I would post those instead. It was a bit of a hectic week but once it calmed down I managed to get out and do some shopping. There was a fabric flea market in the Glebe that I dragged my boyfriend to yesterday morning and it was an absolute zoo. A big room PACKED with women grabbing at fabrics and yarn and buttons. My boyfriend was one of about 5 men in the place and he and the guys he would pass would joke about how nuts it was. It was hilarious. But I’m glad he came because he held my bags for me while I rummaged. 🙂 Best part is I can’t even sew. They do look cute in piles in my office though!

I took one of the batiks I bought and draped it over the sofa since I am not fond of the colour (and it gets dirty very easily) and voila, a quick and easy transformation.

We then went to the Ottawa Antique Market since we were in the neighbourhood and stopped as I usually do at the section of antique rugs and kilims only to find out the seller was selling the kilims at half price! So I picked up an antique one…for $325!! I am absolutely in love with it. I am thinking it will go under the dining table I STILL haven’t found, and if not I will find it a home somewhere.

The other day I started demolition for the new kitchen which included the removal of the only closet on the main floor (*GASP*). So I had to create a new landing strip at the back door which will be my new everyday entrance. I have to shrink the bathroom that is next to the new entrance and have a closet built but that will happen sometime after the kitchen renovation.

Peggy says:

Your entry way looks so cute! Love that shoe rack. Love the acrylic (?) shelves. And of course the yellow door and white floor. So jealous of that floor as you know.

I love the batik on you sofa.
You gave it a whole new life!
The fabrics you selected look wonderful together.
So fresh.

Love the kilim. I’ve had mine for over 15 years and it just gets better with age.

kim. says:

Thanks Peggy! The acrylic shelving was a display unit from a store I worked at back in university. I’ve always managed to find a use for it. And I love my white floors too! Can’t wait to do the rest of the house.

Thanks Velvet and Linen. The batik is a great piece and will be useful no matter what I do with it.

Jo, your gorgeous colourful kilim got me hooked. Now I finally have my own!

Courtney says:

The kilim looks beautiful, and what a deal (half price! who could resist?) My mom loves kilims, and I’d love one for my home as well.

Also, the fabric flea market sounds fabulous, and it looks like you got some great pieces- the batik on your sofa is beautiful. How hilarious about your boyfriend and the few other men too!

Kine says:

Hi Kim:
I was at the Antiques Market yesterday and I can’t believe I didn’t see these carpets! I guess I was too distracted by the midcentury section.

kim. says:

It was pretty funny Courtney. My bf found the craziness pretty amusing.

Christine how did you miss them?!?! It’s ok, I’m usually distracted by the MCM stuff too. 🙂

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