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Posted on Mon, 20 Oct 2008 by KiM

Ok, this has to be one of the coolest homes I’ve seen in a long time. And before you look any further, remember, this comment is coming from someone with 6 cats. Thanks to fellow Ottawan Liz for sending me a link to this unbelievable home in Japan, specifically designed for feline friends.

Parantar says:

beautiful cool cat house!

valerie says:

my sister and brother in law would love this. me? i’m a dog lover, but it just goes to show, people will do anything for a pet.

Whoa!!!!!!!!! Talk about complete obsession with your cats. Well done though and a big house for Japan.

Geisslein says:

Wow – great idea!!! I love it!
Thanks for sharing…

Luphia says:

that’s so cool, I wouldn’t mind living there, although it might take forever to find the cats with so many hiding places!

Una casa diseñada para vivir con gatos. Esta fue creada en Japón, con una decoración contemporánea, con ambientes actuales.
Echen un vistazo a las vigas en el comedor, que van de lado a lado y estantes como pequeños peldaños para ellos. Un baño compartido con sus dueños. Dormitorios y rincones bajo la escalera y en los cajones del baño.
Me encantó la idea para llevarla a cabo en casa, ya que la comparto con mis 5 peludos gatos.

This is so cool. I especially like the litter box idea. My cat would be in heaven!

That’s fantastic! Wouldn’t mind being a cat in that house, it’s so much fun!

bibi says:

Nice. Provide your cats with ample methods of egress when it’s time to go to the vet.

Alice says:

What if they barf on one of those high beams?

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