Sweet condo

Posted on Tue, 21 Oct 2008 by KiM

Check out the getaway condo of architects Tom Huth and Bruce Skiles Danzer in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Mid-century classics, bold artwork and cool colours make this home a new favourite of mine. It was featured in New England Home, and the magazine included a quote from Danzer that I think is priceless coming from an architect: “We used $3000 worth of paint rather than sink $50,000 in structural changes”. Something to note, coming from someone who would know.

When do I move in??!! Love the art too and the fact that it looks lived in not some sterile photo shoot.

Peggy says:

Love the art!

Ivy Lane says:

I really like the fact that they used paint to change the scheme of things and did not do a bunch of flashy structural changes.. very cool art throughout! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

qerat says:

Beautiful art.
Love that table in the second picture

Love it! So much craftsmanship and beautiful pieces of art.

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