Rachael Smith

Posted on Thu, 23 Oct 2008 by KiM

Rachael Smith has photographed some pretty spectacular spaces. A totally dreamy Swedish summerhouse, the home of Laurence Llewelyn‐Bowen and my favourite, the home of Eero Aarnio. Yowzers. The photos themselves are spectacular, taking advantage of natural sunlight shining through the windows. Much more to see on her website.

qerat says:

Beautiful pictures of beautiful homes. great light and many furniture pieces that i would like to have

Stunning photos, course it doesn’t hurt that the homes are quite extravagant themselves. I’ll be dreaming over these all day lol


I just saw that red pendant lamp in New York magazine last week, and now it’s taunting me again.

Which of these photos are from LLB’s home? I couldn’t figure it out from her website, and none of these look like Tim Burton meets Rachel Ashwell, so I’m at a loss!

Love the home office with the penguin 🙂

That cat in the bedroom is perfect.

kim. says:

Anna, the first photo is the only room shot of his home on her website. They were under “still life”.

Wow! Just …. wow!!

JHill says:

oh wow. that is totally my dream office… the light that those windows must let in…

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