Stalking in church …. again!

Posted on Thu, 23 Oct 2008 by midcenturyjo

What is it with Australian architects and property developers and their obsession with church conversions? (Or is it that I’m obsessed with them?) I have found yet another while stalking my favourite real estate site. LOVE the bookcase by the window, the use of colour and I would live quite happily just in the bedroom and it’s rooftop balcony. It appears to be one of a multi-residence conversion so there’s more than one chance to get your hands on a little slice of heaven. Re-use of significant buildings is to be applauded especially re-use in urban areas where the demolition of the building would would so alter the character of the area.


Courtney says:

I absolutely love converted spaces (churches, warehouses, schools, anything!) and the bedroom and patio/balcony in this one is to die for (oh, that’s probably blasphemous since this was a church!)

The views from the balcony are incredible! Love, love, love. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous says:

Well, everyone stopped going to church in Australia about 50 years ago… got to do something with those unused spaces!

Not sure about some of these conversions, just because they sometimes divide the space in a strange way and lose the original character by jamming in too many flats. These ones are quite nice though and that ceiling to floor bookcase is to die for.

Suzanne says:

I love the colors used in the photos above. It really brings out an interesting dimensions and design throughout the room.

Luphia says:

absolutely love the library room, it’s my dream to have one with hight ceilings and books filled to the top!

kim. says:

You’re killing me with these converted churches. I ALWAYS wanted to live in one. I’d settle for a space in one like this. 🙂

Chris says:

I’m in love with the dark stained wood ceiling!

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