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Posted on Sun, 26 Oct 2008 by KiM

I am pretty miserable today so I’ll make this brief. I have nothing planned for a post today because I spent about 8 hours yesterday getting everything out of my old kitchen, then tore everything that was left in it out (with help…thanks Jeff!!). Photos to come eventually on my kitchen blog. It was hard work and every muscle in my body is aching. My left eye is killing me (?? something must have landed in it yesterday), and from carrying out loads and loads of garbage onto the driveway in the pouring rain, I am now getting a cold. It gets worse. This is now my kitchen for the next 4 weeks.

I don’t want to bring everyone down with me so here are a couple of random photos I took around the yard the other day. As much as I hate the fact that fall means winter is on it’s way, it makes for some pretty photos.

To continue the randomness, I thought I would include this adorable photo of Pugley, my former cat. My younger sister Jen now owns him. He’s the grumpiest cat in the world and I love him. Jen loves him more because he lets her touch him. 😛

And that is my random Sunday. Hope you all have a great random Sunday.

laura says:

poor thing… hope you feel better soon! just know all your hard work will soon pay off 🙂

cute kittie

Poor Kim! I’ve seen the photos so I know how much work you did. Take away sounds like a good option for dinner or bowls of breakfast cereal 🙂

sam says:

Pugley is WAY too cute. Like, WAYYYYY too cute. I want to squish him SO badly right now. Where’s my cat when I need her? Probably under the kitchen sink…

You have such a gorgeous blog–really delicious eye candy! And I feel your remodel pain. I’ve been there and will be going there again soon.

Jen says:

pugley really isn’t that grumpy at all. he is the sweetest cat, he just has some random vendetta against kim and jeff. awesome pic! that one, along with the others kim took will be matted and framed for my front hall.

kim. says:

Anon, the raccoon is one of my cats, Cheeks. And thanks everyone else! Sam, as much as I too want to squish Pugley, he HATES that…from me anyway.

My contractor just called, he will be starting tomorrow morning. YAHOO! And my cabinets are arriving in Toronto tomorrow so another YAHOO!

kim. says:

Jen, HE IS SO GRUMPY! And not just to Jeff and I. But I think alot of it is I smell like 6 other cats and Jeff used to egg him on. He’s lucky he’s so photogenic because I can fogive him for being a little prick. 🙂

karlene says:

at least your new kitchen has a view. 🙂 Just remember, you can get through anything if it is temporary.

Courtney says:

Hopefully those 4 weeks will pass very quickly for you! I love the photos from your yard and of your sis’ grumpy cat. Too cute. Hope you feel better soon!

great photo’s!
hope your eye is feeling better, but in the meantime –
that’s one pretty snazzy make-do kitchen, Mrs!
you might find that because of it’s compactness, and because it has been pared down to the essentials, you’re able to be super efficient?!

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