Posted on Thu, 30 Oct 2008 by KiM

I desperately crave homes with architectural interest as mine is completely lacking. When I found this home on Lagerlings, I was in awe of the spaces, and how interesting the details are. One day…

This is torture. Australia is such a young country built environment wise and we just don’t have these beautiful old “bones” to work with. Love!

Luphia says:

I would love to own a 2-floor top apartment with gorgeous & interesting features(a view would be a bonus too)! these photos are stunning, I would be happy with something that's half as beautiful as these!

my dream home, period.

La C

Anonymous says:

Thanks so much for the link to their website, all of the homes on it are stunning, and so inspirational.

I’m in heaven looking through the homes on the site.

viera says:

So beautifully European!! Great architectural details …(and that chandelier!!)
Have a great weekend

Kim & Jo –
Thank you so much for all of your incredible posts. I don't know how you find such amazing spaces! I'm totally hooked on your blog and constantly find inspiration and delight. Don't ever stop! 🙂
Kim Saquing

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