Tobin Bennett

Posted on Fri, 31 Oct 2008 by midcenturyjo

Wow! Talk about photos that pack a punch! When your subjects are as strong as the interiors (and chairs!) that feature in photographer Tobin Bennett’s portfolio you better be as talented as Tobin obviously is or these fabulous spaces just won’t cut it. A fabulous room only comes across as such if the photographer knows how to wrangle it. Great lighting, a true comprehension of colour, good composition and a big “sense” of the room. All are important. Lots of eye candy in Tobin’s other portfolios too. View the food first then take the sport and fitness.

Luphia says:

that sofa is stunning, such a bold statement piece!

kim. says:

Talk about pattern overload (in a good way)! Great photos!

Wow! was my first reaction. I love the bold use of colour. That green screen is giving me ideas…

I love all of the fabrics. That checked sofa is amazing. I WANT ONE!

Man they love them the houndstooth. The photos are stunning and I love all the bold colors and patterns.

Eileen says:

That is my kind of kitchen! I could be very happy working in that space. Love it, love it, love it!

Ana says:

Wow…I love so many details here. The oversized herringbone patterns, that poppy painting!, the bold yellow of the Nat. Geographics, the paisley wallpaper in the black and white kitchen! Thanks for sharing these!

OH MY GOD !!!..This is really great stuff..I have never seen furniture with so many fantastic fabrics before..I say WOW..thanks for charing !!

El fotógrafo Tobin Bennett tiene mucho talento, es evidente, y su fuerte son los interiores. Me gustó mucho esta propuesta en blanco y negro, con toque en colorado. Estos fabulosos espacios sólo se encuentran, si el fotógrafo sabe cómo hacerlo. Gran iluminación, una verdadera comprensión del color, una buena composición y un gran sentido de la sala.
Todos son importantes! Disfruten de su sitio.

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