What’s hiding behind the gate?

Posted on Fri, 7 Nov 2008 by midcenturyjo

Come on in. The cottage looks promising. The yard is a little overgrown and the frangipani is putting out it’s first leaves. I’m sure it will be green and lush soon. Is anyone home? Lovely living areas and simple serene bedrooms. Kitchen is cute. What’s down there? A little grey studio but we can’t get in. Is that the water? Oh and a boathouse with a jetty. Open the door…. WOW! The house is lovely but I would be happy just sitting here forever, glass of white wine in hand perhaps some cheese. Sometimes I hate real estate stalking when it’s not for real. House for sale on Dangar Island in the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney – from my usual stalking ground realestate.com.au. (And here’s the link while it lasts.)

That porch looks divine!

I’ll take it! Interiors and all! 🙂
A girl can dream…

Luphia says:

wow, i was impressed when i only saw the antique looking furnisher, the view is just breath taking!

kim. says:

WHOA…they have some really amazing asian furniture. And HELLO dock!

Erica says:

what is WRONG with these people, why are they selling heaven, stalk them for us and find out where they are going that’s better than this!!

Erica I never thought of it like that 🙂

Amazing! Curious – did I see two dishwashers in that kitchen?

just beautiful, i love the use of the Chinese antiques, and then the simplicity of the boat shed..

i’m not far from the Hawksburry and went to Danger island when i was a kid, the quality of life is ten fold in places like this, great place to bring kids up too instead of on the streets and in front of video games…

This is perfection! I would love to wake up to that view every day – stunning! Tracey x

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