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Posted on Sat, 8 Nov 2008 by midcenturyjo

Went trawling through the thrift stores today and found this cane…. um…. drum table/storage box/thingy. It’s perfect as a side table for my chair (and was ridiculously cheap). Thought I’d show you what this corner of my home looks like today. Knowing me it won’t look like this by next weekend after I’ve been hunting in the thrift stores again 🙂

OH, I love it! What a great find:)

susieq says:

Jo, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your taste in everything. And, your art is fabulous! Please, please give us more than one corner.

neutral facial expression

Thanks Melissa and susieq. My place is so small that there isn’t much room to turn around and take a photo of another corner 🙂 Ryan – interesting sites but neutral facial expression takes me nowhere.

Sticks says:

I love your place. Love it. The colors are just great. Is it just me or is white getting a little overdone? Keep on thriftin’girl just send what you find to me 😉

karina says:


Sam says:

Fabulous space. You have a great artistic eye. I second the request for more! I’d love to see more of your gorgeous home for inspiration… more corners, please, even if you can’t get a shot of an entire room due to space limitations.

You have a fantastic sense of style.
Wonderful color on that chair. It really does look great with your thrift store find.
Fabulous job.


ooooh adore the cushion and how it contrasts on the fab chair…love how the chair links with the artwork….love blue and green together….adore the mix of texture and stiles…and the pop of pink in the carpet !! Tooo coooool !!!

Thanks again everyone. I’ll have some more photos soon.

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