Third World Bazaar

Posted on Sun, 9 Nov 2008 by KiM

Yesterday I went to the Third World Bazaar – a huge barn out in Manotick where for 6 weeks in the fall they sell products from all over the world. Clothing, jewelry, housewares, carpets, Christmas decorations, furniture….and everything is reasonably priced and absolutely gorgeous. Knowing shortly I will have a new kitchen to furnish, I went a little nuts with purchases. It didn’t help that they have beautiful kilims for GREAT prices. I had to bring a great big one home because the price was too good to pass up ($155) although I have no clue where it will go. I picked up some baskets, a table runner, placemats, a little teak opium table, 3 kilims and 4 kilim pillows (some went to my boyfriend’s apartment). Check here for details. In the end, I’m ecstatic with my purchases. They are open one more weekend after this one so folks in Ottawa, you’ve got time to check it out.

Luphia says:

love that little stool, that's cute & original!

Whoa. I had no idea such a place existed. I definitely won’t make it up to that neck of the woods this year, but it’s going on my list of Christmas shopping expedition destinations for next year.

$155 for a kilim that size? Mind=blown.

I need more kilims! I’ve had my large one for 16 years and it just gets better and better with age. You know you can always box this up and send it to me. It will work well in my place.

Courtney says:

Kim- you and your kilim deals! This one sounds like an even better deal than the last! I’m envious, and I’m sure my mom is too (she loves kilims) 🙂

kim. says:

Jo, if you’re lucky I won’t be able to find room for the rug so it may just end up in a parcel for you. melanieiscushti and Courtney, this kilim is pretty thin compared to my other one so this price may be somewhat explained by that.

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