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Posted on Mon, 10 Nov 2008 by midcenturyjo

We’re taking a peak inside Decorating and Design by Jacqueline Inchbald, Cassell and Company, London, 1971. Jacqueline was the founder and principal of the Inchbald School of Design and Fine Arts in London and an arbiter of taste for the time. Rooms from all the best designers including David Hicks are included in its pages. Unfortunately most are in black and white but those that are in colour shriek colour. Perhaps engraved glass panels surrounding your toilet and bidet is just the inspiration you have been looking for.

kim. says:

That bathroom is…EEEKKK, but the last 2 spaces I could live with.

pinkorangred says:

of all yr retro posts i think these are some of the most smashing! (pic 4, that pink bed & the last 3)
Inchbald,thanks, that was a gaping hole in my 70's ed

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