Industrial loft

Posted on Tue, 11 Nov 2008 by KiM

I love this industrial loft featured on Beach Studios for location shoots. It’s located in London in a converted industrial building and owned by a highly acclaimed furniture and interior designer. Amazing steel sliding doors and polished concrete floors. I’d maybe throw down a few kilims to warm the place up but other than that, it’s got great bones.

Fantastic space. The combination of the steel doors, windows and old beams and concrete is wonderful.
If it were my loft I’d have to add a little softness (perhaps a few Swedish antiques?), but the shell of the space is truly lovely.


Cory Ann says:

You and me both. Love it and want to move in now.

Anonymous says:

griff – kim just posted a awfully surly response to you! (but i do agree about ur no mention. this day is overlooked 2 often. plus it is fading away with generations who pass on. i digress.)

Eileen says:

This is a very cool space! Love it.

Anonymous says:

This is a design blog. I’m from Canada so there is no need to make wild accusations like me not being from a place that honors such a day. My grandfather is missing a leg due to the war, and I observed a moment of silence in his honor. This day always has been, and will continue to remain important to me. I would have liked to have taken part in more, however I, unlike most Canadians on November 11th had to work.

Calling someone out for not posting about remembrance day on a blog is utterly ridiculous. For those that were offended by a lack of mention, you offend too easily and should be focusing your energy elsewhere. Get over yourselves. It’s also none of your business how either of them observe the day, or spend it. To many, that’s personal.

This is one of the many reasons that blogs quickly move from being fun to operate to being something someone doesn’t want to touch, and then something someone lets die out, no matter how popular it was or is.

I completely understand the tone of her next post, because it takes a special type of arrogance to assume you know that someone did nothing on such a day when no mention was made of it. She has every right to be angry with you, and to feel insulted. Shame on you!


kim. says:

I just noticed this last comment by C – and I’d like to say thanks. You said exactly what I was thinking, but was too irritated to say so eloquently.

Okay.. when can I move in.. ! For someone like me who has lots of white paint and concrete in her own home this is like heaven.

meuble design says:

this loft is really fabulous ! colors, style, textures of grey concrete are amazing ! I love that. thank.

Laura says:

The metal doors are absolutely stunning. Is it possible to put me in contact with the person that makes these? Or, someone that could? I have two different locations in my home I am looking to put in the sliding barn style doors, but I do want the industrial look to them It is my dream to have my home designed around the industrial/reclaimed look. Email included, please contact me. Kindest of regards, Laura

KiM says:

Sorry Laura but we don't know resources who could make those doors (and we're based in Canada and Australia)

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