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mimou is a company with retailers in Sweden and Norway that carries accessories for the home (bedlinens, cushions, table linens, wallpaper, fabric) along with accessories to wear (necklaces, bags and shawls). They have a set of inspiration photos on their website that are so beautifully styled I had to feature some of favourites.

absolutely gorgeous homewares.

I love Mimou, it´s one of my favourites!

Mimou is always nice, but I don’t know how anyone could be expected to sleep on a bed that’s placed smack in the middle of a room. I would feel like I was lost at sea… awkward.

Peggy says:

omigosh, Kim! You have me totally rethinking decor. Between your grey floors, and Abigail Ahren’s place – you were right – it’s marvelous! Did you see Kat Heyes’ place at Design Sponge? Also wonderful.

All of the above is making me want dark, sultry, romantic, broody instead of the white I’ve wanted for so long. These rooms remind me so much of you – I believe the second one has grey floors and a lovely lidded vase. The first picture has fabric on the wall that reminds me of the mural you put up in your living room.

Peggy says:

P.S. – I had to look at the first picture again. See how the rug (grey) looks with the fabric. I guess it does make more sense to do your floors grey – to make it more earthy.

Wonderful post. These rooms are gorgeous.

kim. says:

PEGGY – HAVE I CONVERTED YOU???? I’m glad one of us believes in my choice of grey floors. I’m still torn up over it. I’m off to see Kat Heyes’ place.

kim. says:

P.S. Peggy, Kat has such gorgeous floors – anyone painting over that should get their head checked out.

And thevintage chair – I totally agree. I can’t imagine not having my headboard against a wall even. And I HAVE to have my bed facing the door. A few months ago at Jo’s suggestion I had my bed on the same wall as the door and it just felt SO ODD. Not good feng shui at all.

Great way of showcasing their products. Lovely!

Anonymous says:

Fab website, it amazes me how you keep coming up with them. Thanks so much!

Anonymous says:

i’ve missed a couple of days…these posts are fantastic!!!



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