Thomas Jayne Studio

Posted on Tue, 18 Nov 2008 by KiM

Thomas Jayne Studio is a New York based design firm consisting of some very creative individuals. Their style is traditional, but with quirky touches in artwork, unexpected punches of colour, and distinctive furnishings. “…traditional and classic tenets can be seen and utilized in new ways. Hence, the Studio’s designers take inspiration from the past, but seek new meaning and relevancy in it. The rooms they create are grounded in tradition but feel original and modern in their outlook.”

Tina says:

I want that bamboo bed!

Sofia says:

I love the bed with the yellow square paint behind!

Very elegant with fun use of colour.

melissa says:

nice blog u got here…im inspired now…lol…

MLE says:

I love the idea of using a modern, bright Parsons table in an otherwise old fashioned (and kind of stuffy) room.

Also, replacing a light fixture with a mobile over the table is unexpected and whimsical. I’m a fan.

i am loving those yellow curtains in the top photo. wonder what fabric they are….

By the way that house of yours is looking real NICE!! Just saw the pics in your kitchen remodel …its so exciting waiting around for the final outcome!

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