Anastasios Mentis

Posted on Thu, 20 Nov 2008 by midcenturyjo

Specialising in still life, interiors and food Greek born but New York based photographer Anastasios Mentis brings a spirit and creativity to his photos. They are not only technically beautiful, they are imaginative and full of life. Don’t miss the rest of his portfolio.

qerat says:

This post and the Marcos Armstrong post are out of this world.
Could not stop looking at all the pictures in both posts.

I like a house with a view, especially one with a view to the pool. That semi-circular sofa is fantastic, too!

Peggy says:

I love the white bedroom in the first photo. Any idea the source of that white bottle? I must have it!

that bed in the top photo is dreamy

mel bomba says:

I have a very large piece of fabric with a screen printed forest on it exactly like the one in the first photo shown in this post. There is no markers mark on it, I picked it up at an auction with other vintage fabric and thought maybe an art student may have done it but now that I have seen another one, maybe it’s done by someone well known?
Have you guys any idea?
Or maybe your readers do?
Here is a link to my images.

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