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Posted on Sun, 23 Nov 2008 by KiM

I had a really busy day yesterday trying to finish up the painting in my kitchen, and the electrician was over for a few hours trying to finish up with the lighting and outlets. My contractor claims he’ll finish things up Monday, and I’m ecstatic to finally get this reno finished. Then I went to the Friends of Abandoned Pets charity dinner and auction, where I volunteered to be the photographer. It was alot of fun and they raised a decent amount of money. SO, all that being said, I didn’t have much time to get a post ready for today, as I’ve got an entire house to essentially hose down of drywall dust and get the kitchen and the rest of the house organized. A Flickr contact of mine, linsmika, has such a cool, creative and eclectic home that I thought I’d share some of her photos today instead of scouring Flickr for one of my usual themed posts.

Not only does she have a cool home, but so do her friends!

Tina says:

I love lots of items neatly arranged on display, it makes a room feel much more cosy, personal & lived in

OOhhh that's a cool home!

Peggy says:

Love the tarp or tent (?) in the second last photo used as a rug. What genius.

that kitchen is awesome.

Great house!

Linda says:

I really enjoyed that. Thanks. I am looking forward to seeing the finished kitchen.

pinkorangred says:

go Kim (smart way to gain photog experience too)!

yah! great kitchen wall treatment, vs conventional wallpaper’s intimidating pricepoints (certain so-called affordable offerings).

i once had a post card of the Lawrence Olivier as Hamlet photo (not Robert Smith in Renaissance Fair drag!); a poster of John Lennon in his “working class hero” t-shirt w/ a Lawrence of Arabia styled towel on his head was another favorite.

lest i blather further off course,
yes, that tarp is brilliant–does it stay down?
i’ve thought about using silver automotive tarps (tried heavy canvas aas a stand-in, but they rippled too much, even stapled down on industrial carpet. That tarp looks heavy enough to lay flat, like a painted heavy canvas area rug on a hard floor.

AWESOME post…love looking into other's homes.

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