Pierre Yovanovitch

Posted on Mon, 24 Nov 2008 by KiM

Pierre Yovanovitch, a Parisian, started off as a clothing designer and switched to interior architecture and design only a few years ago. “He sees his work as a search for an intuitively felt balance between necessities that are frequently contradictory: luxury and simplicity; audacity and discretion; impertinence and wisdom.” Each of his spaces is even more intriguing than the last.

love that couch in the top photo

WOW! Another fabulous photographer!!! I love that kilim couch too. Still saying wow over and over.

The marble bath is so over the top – love it!

My god, each image is more stunning than the next. This kind of design is so my cup of tea–love! Great post!

pinkorangred says:

OMG, all perfection, AND a kilim couch!
those dining rooms!!

WOWwowWOW. so much beauty.

Blair says:

I love that staircase and the ceiling details in the taupe room-stunning! I also love the idea of the open shelf under the sink!

The staircase and photo collection really caught my eye. Great photos indeed.

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