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Posted on Mon, 24 Nov 2008 by midcenturyjo

We were asked in a comment last week about why we emphasise the photographer when it’s the stylist or the designer or the architect or the great home or the stylish owner that is the main contributor to the beautiful rooms we feature. We feature the photographers for a number of reasons – a) it’s their website from which we are taking the pictures (obvious reason for praising their work) and b) it’s an incredible talent, the ability to take gorgeous photos that make you covet a product or dream of owning a room you have never seen with your own eyes. Photographers make a picture on a page reach out and tug at your heart strings. Yes the room is beautiful, the owners have great taste, the designer/architect is a genius and the stylist makes it just perfect but if I took the photo you would never know how fabulous it really was. I’m a shocking photographer. The talented professionals we feature bring these spaces to life. Their tools are their camera, the light, their appreciation of angles, colour, composition and every other contributing factor but it’s their eye, their super talent that brings it all to life. Simon Bevan is one such photographer. Enjoy!

I completely agree with your opinion about the importance of photographers!! A bad photo can spoil any beauty and a good one will make the difference!

ruth says:

I love the first poster, and the one with the flowers!! Does anyone know where I can get them, or similar ones?

I agree, too… I’ve seen lots of photos where the stylist has done a beautiful job, but where there for instance is too much light in the photos. These are beautiful, though.

Anonymous says:

Right on sistah. I was an art director in the advertising world for 25 years (yea, I’m old, but still worth listening to!) and have worked with many fine photographers, both still and in film. So, believe me, you are nothing but an idea drawn on paper, without the talent of talented photographers.
Having said that, it is sometimes hard to determine who actually “made” it work, the photographer, the art director, the stylist or, heh, the client…you know who you are.
Teamwork. End product. Job done.

MJ says:

well put.

I agree. Teamwork is key!

Beautiful beautiful work. It IS so extremely difficult to photograph even the most beautiful of interiors–I love what you’re doing by profiling these photographers!

spaceroom says:

i agree with team work. what is strange though when one is in love with a photographer because of a cool collection of art on the wall one has to ask-where did this wall of art come from? a lot of stylists get insta cred from bringing flowers into an amazing home..exactly what did you style? alot of portfolios out their with someone elses talent.
many of lines are blended. people need to fess up. photography is photography but style is-well who designed it?
that’s all i’m saying….

Anonymous says:

Yes, I’m never sure when I look at a beautiful interior who has done what etc. Did the stylist make it look more amazing than usual? Is it down to the architect who built the space? Does the owner just own lots of beautiful stuff?? Interior design photos don’t generally some with as many credits as fashion magazines! But if it comes from a photographer’s site it’s logical to credit the photographer. And there are more websites out there by photographers than stylists. Ditto if the image comes from an firm of architects etc.

Jo and Kim seem to be diligent about crediting sources; they link to people in Flickr, individual designers, real estate sites etc. But they can’t be expected to name everyone involved, especially if the info isn’t listed with the photo.

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