Paradise is coloured blue

Posted on Wed, 26 Nov 2008 by midcenturyjo

Blue. It’s the colour of paradise. I never knew that until this morning when I was turning the pages of a magazine and drinking coffee. I saw an ad for one of the Great Barrier Reef’s latest resorts Qualia, world-class luxury, situated on the secluded northern-most tip of Hamilton Island. With winter setting in in the Northern Hemisphere I dedicate these blue soaked shots of paradise to all the northern readers watching the thermometer plunge. Wicked of me to tease you.

Courtney says:

That does look like paradise! Gorgeous! And the water, oh the water. I want to soak the whole scene in- from the edge of that infinity pool! Thanks for the mental escape; just looking at these photos is relaxing.

Terrific place!
I am in spring,too and loving it!!!!!

Tina says:

paradis indeed! i’m dreaming i’m swimming in that stunning infinity pool right now…

JHAYNE says:

yes, yes indeed it is!

Danette says:

wow wow wow and wow.
must go there.

Wicked indeed!:)
I’ve got friends visiting from Australia here now in Vancouver. They described the hot nights and the beaches… I’m definitely going to visit someday!

kim. says:

Teasing is right. I appreciate this post very much after walking home through several inches of slush.

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