Adam Chinitz and Metropolitan Home’s Showtime house

Posted on Thu, 27 Nov 2008 by KiM

Metropolitan Home’s Showtime house is an extraordinary display of many designers’ talents, and it was photographed by an equally talented photographer Adam Chinitz. Each space is totally dreamy and the photographs are stunning.

An altar to the shoe gods! Every woman wants one of those. I’ve seen photos of the massacre dining room. Thank god it’s a show house 😉

Noel says:

I ADORE that first picture – it took my eyes a little while to accept it, as I’m more of a “cusper” between Traditional and Eclectic design, but once I did it was just so soothing. So cheerful and bright. It seems like you’d be in a good mood in that room.

That having been said, the light fixtures are irking me! They’re so dated compared to the rest of the room. I think a medium-sized chandelier with little black crystals would’ve been better.

But I’m not a professional!

Anonymous says:

the white room is called the dexter room. the ceiling is by
my husband is the san francisco french ceiling rep.
it’s an amazing product that literally transforms rooms. it is a stretched vinyl membrane.
so fun and very chic.
thanks for the eye candy guys…
ariana vanderbeels

bkhdesign says:

love the second picture

stljoie says:

The book tower was really intriguing
until the closeup revealed that it was an art installation and in no way a library which requires one is able to remove any book to actually read it.

I LOVE the pink room! A childhood dream of mine is to have a house with loads of rooms so I can each decorate it in a different style and a pink room is one of them ^_^ Not quite sure wheter I’ll be brave enough in real life though :o)

I could never have the book tower. All those books are such a temptation to read and without collapsing the tower you won’t be able to read them which would make me very edgy!

I never do comment on your blog -this is my first time- but I do really enjoy it. Thank you!

kim. says:

Great to see new folks commenting – welcome Liesel’s Garden Party!

The chandelier in the second-to-last picture is by a New York artist named Gary Ponzo – it’s made of a few thousand paperclips linked together. More info here:

kim. says:

WOW Analog Bass – thanks for the info and the link!

Love the third Picture – great ceiling treatment

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