Another Binky update

Posted on Sun, 30 Nov 2008 by KiM

I posted here and here about my friend Jenny’s cat Binky who was adopted by one of our readers, Laurel. Jenny just sent me an email Laurel sent her that included the first photos Jenny has received of Binky. Laurel’s email made my tear up because I am so relieved at the outcome and that I was able to help save a kitty. I thought I would include some of it because some readers were wondering how Binky was doing. It’s a very happy ending and I couldn’t be more pleased. Now I’ve just got to get Laurel to send me photos of Binky strategically placed around her loft so I can use it for a “cat on furniture” post. 🙂

“Just wanted to send you some photos that Brendan took of Binky in his new home. He’s very comfortable here now. He sleeps with us every night. Just before we head to bed, we turn on the electric blanket to warm up the bed, and he knows that means it’s almost bedtime, so he jumps on the bed and helps warm it up. He loves sleeping on the electric blanket, it keeps us all so warm. When we first get in bed, he crawls up by our shoulders and we both pet him. Then when it’s lights out and time to sleep, he crawls to the foot of the bed and sleeps there all night. Then at about 6:45, he starts to crawl around our shoulders, and walk across our pillows. Sometimes he flops on the pillow on top of my hair! He makes quite a noise until we get up to feed him. He’s the most vocal cat I’ve ever known. He chirps and chirps all day long. He spends most of the day lying on the rug in our office in between our desks. He goes back and forth between us, getting all the petting and attention he can! Such a big baby. He’s just a super kitty and we’re so lucky to have him!”

KittyMeow says:

Aww he's just adorable! Thank you so much for posting an update. Its great to hear Binky has found a truly loving home. <3

He’s so cute! I’m very happy to hear Binky is doing well; we were all a little worried there for a while…

Tina says:

Binky is so adorable! so glad he’s doing well, thanks for the update! 🙂

Sandy says:

Oh I am so incredibly happy for this joy outcome! I have been thinking about Blinky for so long… God Bless. 🙂

lsaspacey says:

Awww, he really lucked out, owners who work from home. How wonderful!

Anonymous says:

What a sweet outcome.

Happy holidays, from one beast lover to the rest of you.

P.S. Binky reminds me of this beastie:

kim. says:

Thank you for the comments 🙂 and Anon, I LOVE those Simon’s cat videos!

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