John Willey

Posted on Tue, 2 Dec 2008 by KiM

“Life’s too short for an all-beige room”

Words to live by from interior designer John Willey. Makes complete sense when you get a glimpse of his work. He is probably one of the boldest designers I have come across. Such creativity with colours and patterns and such a sense of comfort. Very inspiring for those who believe in beige.

i can’t stop looking at the ceilings! in a couple rooms he does a high-gloss ceiling, is this good for small rooms that you’d like to appear larger?

Charlie says:

I love the re-occurring blue in all the rooms. Some very subtle.

Gina says:

I like this blog so much, I must tell you this.

Gina from Germany

Can’t get enough colour! Great work.

And thanks Gina!

kim. says:

henrydefine – I think it would make a room appear larger because it would bounce light around much more. It’s a great idea that you hardly ever see. I couldn’t try that in my home because my ceilings are all cracked and patched really badly.

Mrs H says:

I am in love with the carpets and wide range of texture in these spaces! The eclectic blend of colors, textures and patterns makes every one look like a work of art.

Love those mirrors in the third picture. All of these are great!

He has some great designs!

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