Hugh Newell Jacobsen

Posted on Thu, 4 Dec 2008 by midcenturyjo

I find the work of architectural firm Hugh Newell Jacobsen fascinating. I am not used to this style of architecture. It references the vernacular of the area of the States from which it comes, the simple colonial and coastal buildings, themselves influenced by simple classical lines. Throw in a dash of post-modernism and exceptional locations and it’s done. I think what speaks to me, a child of a harsh sunny tropical climate is the cool white light loving interiors that invite in the soft light. The deliberately sparse lines enhance the interior and exterior. I’ve concentrated mainly on Jacobsen’s interiors here but don’t miss the exteriors on the website. Inspiring.

kim. says:

Beautiful architecture! I have to point out how SPECTACULAR the staircase is in the first photo. WOW!!!

Amazing work.
I usually find contemporary architecture too cold, but
Mr. Jacobsen’s work is so approachable and inviting.
I could live in any of these homes (oh, if only I was that lucky!).


I love Hugh, he’s one of my favorite architects -plus he’s a local as his office and his house is just up the street from me! I’ve been inside his house and his son’s house across the street a few times during house tours and they’re really just wonderful. I’ve been in one of these houses you show here as well, they’re even more stunning in person. Contemporary meets traditional done right!

Alyssa says:

Amazing architecture! The staircases are wonderful, like in the 1st picture and 8th last picture. If I had the money, I would hire him to build my future house =P

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