David Jimenez , at it again

Posted on Mon, 8 Dec 2008 by KiM

I’ve posted about David Jimenez in the past, here and here, and he’s gone and done it again. He sent over some incredible photos of his latest project in Palm Springs. Mid-century meets Hollywood Regency – stunning furnishings, lighting and colours that mesh together so gloriously. Fabulous!! So David, when can I move in??

WOW. The bedroom with the orange rug is my fave, but I love it all! Think he’d want to make over a mid-1980s personality-challenged 2-story box? Nah, I didn’t think so either. Great post.

everything is simply stunning

kim. says:

I too adore the pottery arrangement Peggy and that bedroom whyioughtta. But you’ve done a great job on the kitchen whyioughtta, so time to get going on the rest of the house. 🙂


jackp says:

@Kim: don’t i know it…paint brush in one hand, 9 month old in the other…

oops…that was me, not jackp.

kim. says:

Shannon, they have those sling things so you can strap Charlotte to ya and paint away. (Kidding) You had 9 months of Jack home, you shoulda kicked his ass into gear. (Kidding again). OK, OK, I’ll babysit, you paint.

This is an amazing home. Love!

wow, I love the bedroom with the 2 reading lamp, beautiful.

Meg Caswell Malee says:

I never would have thought about putting mirrors behind a nightstand…I love when designers use pieces in a new context. That’s why people hire designers. New ideas, new ways.. I love this post.

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