Loungey sofa

Posted on Tue, 16 Dec 2008 by KiM

This is another of my posts researched for purely selfish reasons. Seems I am on the market for yet another new sofa. This time I think I (with some help) will make one. I have ALWAYS wanted a low and loungey mattress-type sofa, considering 98% of the time I spend on my sofa I’m sprawled out with my laptop or watching TV. Something super comfy is just what I need. My fifties vintage turquoise sofa is not jiving at all with the new kitchen, and it’s not big enough for 2 to cuddle on. I found quite a few examples of lounge sofas in my photo stash and I’m hoping in the near future I will be the proud owner of one.

Bo Bedre Elle Decoration SA
Dan Duchars Ann Lindberg
Ken Hayden Shoot Factory

I want the Dan Duchars one!!! SO so good.

alice says:

love, love, love the pallet sofa by bo bedre! great find!

Very boho Kim! Any of these would work well.

Heidi Jo says:

Those look so comfy! I am sitting on my parents’ couch right now wishing I was sprawled out on one of these instead. : )

Jayne says:

I love the white, white, white! I am myself in the process of transforming my house into this. Now all I need is a stylist! Great pictures thankyou.

MGU says:

The elle decor sa has me drooling over the animal stools!

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