Bonesteel Trout Hall

Posted on Wed, 17 Dec 2008 by midcenturyjo

Loving the laid back, casual and bright look of these rooms by Southern Californian based interior design firm Bonesteel Trout Hall. It’s an easy going elegance that suits today’s lifestyle. Comfort, colour and character without losing style. These rooms are family friendly and fab!

Of course, if you’re remodeling, the structure of your existing home will limit your layout options. You’ll have considerably more flexibility the larger your space and if you’re building a new home or adding on.

Anonymous says:

I have a family and wish that I could keep a place as great looking as these. Love those navy and white chairs in the last photo. Does this mean director's chairs are making a comeback? Everything here is so bright and just my style. Thanks for the introduction to this firm.

Meagan <3

Anonymous says:

I really like these houses. Very colourful. Thank you for sharing. Greatings from the India.

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